Registered/ Chartered Forensic Psychologist

Karen Redding – Registered/ Chartered Forensic Psychologist

Karen Redding is a HCPC Registered Psychologist who is also Chartered with the British Psychological Society. Karen has over twenty years’ experience of conducting psychological assessments and interventions in a range of settings with offenders, patients diagnosed with mental illness / personality disorder and parents with a range of presenting difficulties.  She has worked with adolescents, young people and male and female adults. In addition to providing independent psychological assessments, she is currently employed by a private forensic healthcare provider, where she holds the position of Joint Regional Psychologist for Wales (covering 250 service users in numerous hospitals and rehab settings) and she is also involved in clinical work in the Forensic Mental Health Services. In the latter role she is responsible for the assessment and treatment of patients, including violent and sexual offenders, with mental illness and personality disorders.

Prior to working in private forensic healthcare, Karen spent thirteen years working for the National Offender Management Service (NOMS), predominantly with sexual and violent offenders. She specialised in work with high risk sex offenders who presented with difficult issues including specific sexual interests in offence related areas. In her role in NOMS she was responsible for the supervision of staff working with high risk sex offenders.  Karen was a national trainer in the Structured Assessment of Risk and Need (SARN) risk assessment measure for sexual offenders. She remained involved in the supervision and delivery of sex offender treatment programmes in the prison for a number of years after moving into mental health settings.

Part of her specialist interest and expertise is in working within a Cognitive Analytic Therapy (CAT) framework and Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT) way. She has extensive experience of assessment and formulation and the delivery of a variety of interventions in both a group and individual setting. She supervises staff both within prisons and hospitals and has done for a number of years. She is also skilled in delivering training to others and this is currently a routine part of her work.

To date Karen has prepared more than 500 reports for Criminal proceedings, Mental Health Review Tribunals, Parole Board Hearings, Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements (MAPPA) and Child Protection Case Conferences. She has also completed numerous risk assessments to aid the management of sexual and violent offenders through the prison system and then into the community. Karen has prepared many reports on parents whose mental health difficulties, personality disorder, drug or alcohol misuse or level of ability was seen as potentially interfering with their ability to safely care for their children. She has regularly attended parole board hearings as an expert witness.